• 25 Tháng Bảy, 2022

6 reasons to choose Winpips – Winpips.io for your trading

  1. Assets and Instruments

With over 100 trading assets, Winpips.io offers traders and investors a wide range of choices, help diversify your investment portfolio as well as the opportunity to expand your financial capabilities. Winpips – Winpips.io supports all major global markets included Stocks, Forex, Indices and Commodities. 

You can easily and freely invest unlimitedly in leading corporations in the world such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, Tesla or Crude oil, Gold,… from an account.

  1. Real-Time Order Execution

Stay on top of the market with high-speed order processing. Fast, accurate and efficient order processing system. 

  1. Mobile and Web Platftom

With Winpips – Winpips.io, you can easily invest and trade anywhere, anytime, with a multi-platform trading system, including on the web, smartphone applications and personal computer applications.

Convenience and speed are outstanding advantages.

  1. Free Daily News and Trading Signals

Get and update the latest market news and event in your PipsFeed and PipsSignals. 

>> Đánh giá Winpips

With PipsFeed, you’ll not miss any economic events that may affect the financial markets and your trading plan. 

For PipsSignals, traders can receive daily trading signals, which serve to observe and monitor performance as well as statistics and investment strategies, and follow your favorite signal. Since then, traders can get the right decisions in their trading options.

Updating the market news and view trading signals allow investors to choose, observe and make effective decisions. Learning trading signals helps you to expand your knowledge faster than learning and trading by yourself, thereby creating effective profits.

  1. Multi-Currency Accounts

Open multiple trading accounts with one of many supported base currencies. Thanks to Multi-Currency, you can easily choose your transaction currency, in accordance with your personal choice.

  1. Simple PipsCopy Account

Discover the best investors on the leaderboard and let them manage your portfolio. With PipsCopy, traders can easily access and learn from the top traders in the world.

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